When in Doubt Do Something Simple

As sunrise and sunset are calculated from the leading and trailing edges of the Sun, and not the center, the duration of a day time is slightly longer than night time. Further, because the light from the Sun is refracted as it passes through the Earth’s atmosphere, the Sun is still visible after it isContinue Reading

Waters replenish man multiply life

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A rare opportunity to try Foundry coffee

It All Started Here is William Heenan’s mobile specialty coffee stall that pops up in different places across Glasgow and broader Scotland. William uses Sheffield based Foundry Coffee Roasters as his house bean supplier. He’s worked closely with Foundry for some time and continues turn out great quality coffees using their seasonally changing and distinctiveContinue Reading

Bristol Drivers: Always giving cyclists a hand

There are always complaints in the cycling community (all eight of them) about some war-on-cyclists taking place in Bristol. We know that’s untrue: the war being conducted in Bristol is by cyclists, against Motorists! Innocent motorists, we may add —law abiding, invariably polite and considerate. Here we one such example, a BMW driver going outContinue Reading